AreaChart options.  Other options included in the AreaChart are Options.Canvas, Options.Label, Options.Margin, Options.Tips and Options.Events.


Options.AreaChart = {
  animate: true,
  labelOffset: 3,
  type: 'stacked',
  selectOnHover: true,
  showAggregates: true,
  showLabels: true,
  filterOnClick: false,
  restoreOnRightClick: false


var areaChart = new $jit.AreaChart({
  animate: true,
  type: 'stacked:gradient',
  selectOnHover: true,
  filterOnClick: true,
  restoreOnRightClick: true


animate(boolean) Default’s true.  Whether to add animated transitions when filtering/restoring stacks.
labelOffset(number) Default’s 3.  Adds margin between the label and the default place where it should be drawn.
type(string) Default’s *’stacked’*.  Stack style.  Posible values are ‘stacked’, ‘stacked:gradient’ to add gradients.
selectOnHover(boolean) Default’s true.  If true, it will add a mark to the hovered stack.
showAggregates(boolean, function) Default’s true.  Display the values of the stacks.  Can also be a function that returns true or false to display or filter some values.  That same function can also return a string with the formatted value.
showLabels(boolean, function) Default’s true.  Display the name of the slots.  Can also be a function that returns true or false to display or not each label.
filterOnClick(boolean) Default’s true.  Select the clicked stack by hiding all other stacks.
restoreOnRightClick(boolean) Default’s true.  Show all stacks by right clicking.
A visualization that displays stacked area charts.
These are Canvas general options, like where to append it in the DOM, its dimensions, background, and other more advanced options.
Provides styling for Labels such as font size, family, etc.
Canvas drawing margins.
Tips options
Configuration for adding mouse/touch event handlers to Nodes.