Where to start?

This is an index for the documentation available for the Toolkit that can help you get started. It's written like a wiki and may be updated frequently. If you'd like to contribute to the documentation please contact me.

The demos page

The best way to start is to take a look at the demos page. Each demo has a See the Example Code link that takes you to the code for that example. I recommend you read the code for all demo visualizations because most features common to all visualizations are showcased across the examples.

API documentation

I strongly advise to take a look at the demos' code while keeping a tab open with the API documentation page. I put a lot of effort in this documentation to keep it clean and detailed. I recommend reading the main Visualizations articles and also the Options articles first, to get an idea of the different configuration options you can add to the toolkit.

Further questions

For any questions regarding the Toolkit please join the Google Group.