Version 1.1.3

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I just tagged the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit with version 1.1.3. It's been some time since the last release, and I wanted to use this post to make a summary of the changes and to describe some of the new features that have been added to the library. I'll start with the new features:

SpaceTree: SwitchAlignment

I added some new global configuration properties to the SpaceTree: align and indent. Align sets the alignment of the tree to center, left and right: The indent parameter sets an offset between a parent and its children when the alignment is left or right. You can also use the switchAlignment method for changing the alignment of the tree with an animation.

SpaceTree: Multiple nodes in path

I added two new methods to the SpaceTree: addNodeInPath and clearNodesInPath. These two methods allow you to add a node to the "selected-nodes" path. When a node belongs to the "selected-nodes" path it remains always visible (as in always expanded). I made this small video to show the feature:

SpaceTree: MultiTree

I added a SpaceTree configuration property called multitree. If multitree=true, the visualization will search for the $orn data property in each node and display the subtrees according to their orientation. In this example I set multitree=true and set $orn='left' for some nodes and $orn='right' for others. This way I create a partition of the tree: I also use the setRoot method to set the clicked node as root for the visualization. This way the clicked node is centered and a centrifugal view from that node is drawn.

Bug Fixes

I've been fixing a couple of bugs also, most of them have to do with Treemaps: I also want to thank Guido Schmidt for his interest in the library and work on the GWT JIT component. There's also been some JIT development for Grails done by Bertrand Goetzmann. Anyway, things are looking good! :)
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