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Last Monday I was in Paris for DotJS, organized by Sylvain Zimmer and dotConferences, arguably the biggest JavaScript conference in Europe, with more than 900 JavaScript “savants”.

My talk was titled “Growing a Language for Graphics”, which was about JavaScript as seen from the eyes of a data visualization / graphics person. By having a look at GLSL - a domain specific language (DSL) for graphics used in WebGL - I talk about what language features would help graphic developers on the Web and I show the long history of trying to standardize operator overloading into JavaScript.

I’ve been wanting to a give a talk about this topic for a long time, having witnessed most of the discussions around operator overloading in JavaScript and it’s different proposals since early 2007. Going from generic functions to a double-dispatch approach to multimethods, to value proxies and finally value objects, I must say that my interest in having this feature into JavaScript never faded.

My talk is inpired on a great talk by Guy Steele Jr. titled “Growing a Language” and that I definitely recommend you to watch:

In case you’re interested in knowing more about operator overloading proposals in JavaScript I’m pasting a dump of the bibliography here:

Why operator overloading

ES4 overview

Generic functions

2009 Operator Overloading proposal

ExtendScript OO

Operator Overloading revisited

Value types

Decimal type:

Value types page started:

Value objects

Value proxies

ES next

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