Google Summer of Code and NASA

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The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit selected for Google SoC 2011

The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit has been accepted for the Google Summer of Code 2011!

An ideas page with some interesting tasks to complete for the project has been posted, and also we already got some awesome feedback from highly motivated students wanting to participate. The feedback has been great so far!

Being part of the Google Summer of Code 2011 is great not only for the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit as a project, but also for our mentoring organization, Sencha Labs, to connect with students to promote Open Source activities and help build a new generation of JavaScript developers.

If you like interesting challenges with JavaScript and visualization don’t hesitate to contact me at nicolas at sencha dot com.


I have more exciting news: I’ve been invited by NASA to the first NASA Open Source Summit!

The summit will bring together 60 leaders from the open source community, NASA developers, and NASA policymakers to lay the foundation for improving how NASA develops, releases, and uses open source software.

I’m really looking forward to meet everyone there!

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