My Talk at YOW! Developer Conferences

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Last week I was in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia, to speak about interactive data visualizations with JavaScript at the YOW! Developer Conferences. My presentation was a one hour talk in which I covered some InfoVis Theory basics (some ideas from Jacques Bertin’s Semiology of Graphics); also I spoke about the main things the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit has to offer and finally I presented some future work involving WebGL, web workers and some cool algorithms I’ll be presenting in a future post.

I want to thank Dave Thomas and the entire team for giving me the opportunity to speak in Brisbane and Melbourne. I had the honour to speak right before Ben Fry’s Computational Design talk and Dan Ingalls 40 years of fun with computers - both amazing presentations.

You can find the slides for my presentation here, the audience went wild with my presentation in Brisbane!

One of the highlights of YOW! for me was to see Dan Ingalls, father of five generations of Smalltalk, winner of two ACM awards and now working with cutting-edge web technology as SAP fellow introduce bindings for the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit in the lively-kernel:

Dan Ingalls answering questions about the lively kernel with an InfoVis page at the end of his talk

Being at YOW! Developer Conferences was a great experience.

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