News from the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit 2.0 World

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We're not that far. Not at all. I was actually going to write some completion percentage, but I think I'll just leave that as a mystery and surprise you when the time comes. But until then... some videos from the 2.0 world!

Animated TreeMaps

In order to show some of the new features I've been writing a simple example with TreeMap animations. TreeMap animations are integrated into the built-in classes of the Toolkit, but you can also create your own animations by altering either built-in Node/Edge params, or also canvas specific styles like shadows. Here's a short video of an Animated TreeMap, it also has animations when switching layouts. I think it's better seen in fullscreen.

Zooming and Panning

The new Event system allows many customizations, such as Dragging and Dropping nodes, (right)clicking native Canvas nodes, etc. This will be the subject of a longer post, since there is a lot of machinery involving Native Canvas, SVG and HTML events, event delegation, etc. I've also been working in making a modular Canvas class enabling canvas background extensions. Some of these changes had some desirable effects, such as enabling Panning and Zooming in a generic way, across all visualizations, as can be seen in this video:

A Force Directed Example

These features can be combined into useful and interesting examples. This Force Directed example uses the new Event system, zooming, panning and animations to make a complete graph editing tool. These are some of the graph interactions that can be made with the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit (also better seen in fullscreen): I hope you liked it. I know I'm having a great time working in this project. I'll be back with more updates.
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