Speaker at the Parisian Seminar on InfoVis and HCI

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I've been invited by Fanny Chevalier from the Microsoft-INRIA Joint Centre to the Parisian Seminar on Information Visualization and HCI. I'll be speaking about Using Web Standards to create Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web. Here's the abstract: What is the best way to render complex information on the Web? The Document metaphor has been used for years in Web Standards to define the best way to show information on the Web. Today, Web Documents are turning into full fledged Web Applications and a Web Standards revolution is taking place to provide richer ways to present complex data. HTML is covering new patterns as Drag and Drop and 2D graphics; CSS is now covering transforms and animations, and JavaScript just got 100% faster. Web Standards are important because they are built natively in Web Browsers providing common functionality guidelines, independence from third-party libraries, and high interoperability with other Web components. The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit is a toolkit for Information Visualization built solely on Web Standards. This Toolkit provides many visualization techniques to seamlessly integrate Interactive Data Visualizations in Web Pages, turning them into Web Applications. In this talk I'd like to present an overview of the new features in Web Standards and also some concepts behind the making of the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit, as well as some user applications.. You can find more information about this talk and how to get there here. Everyone's invited!
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