Interactive Visualization of Genealogical Graphs

Posted in: visualization , video
It's been a while since I last bumped into a nice visualization project like this one. It offers an advanced interface for exploring Genealogical graphs. I personally like how nodes are hidden/shown in demand, how the subtree widget is implemented and how you can easily switch between different layouts. On a side note, I've been screencasting the artist/band visualization project I made some time ago with the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit, hope you find it interesting: it shows relations between artists and bands by collaborations in albums/songs/bands, etc. You can access a live example here. I think its better rendered with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome 2 (version 1.0.x has a bug). The left menu offers some navigation options to choose a band as starting point. You can also find details about the focused band under the Details toggler. Here's a short video of what you should be able to see:
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