Feeding JSON tree structures to the JIT

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The tree structure that feeds the spacetree, hypertree, treemap and rgraph visualizations is always the same. Roughly speaking, the JSON tree structure consists of tree nodes, each having as properties: For example,
var json = {
  "id": "aUniqueIdentifier",
  "name": "usually a nodes name",
  "data": [
      {key:"some key",       value: "some value"},
    {key:"some other key", value: "some other value"}
  children: [/* other nodes or empty */]

About datasets:

Sometimes some dataset objects are read by the JIT classes to perform proper layouts. For example, the treemap class reads the first object's value for each node's dataset to perform calculations about the dimensions of the rectangles laid. Also, if you enable the Config.Color.allow property, the treemap will add colors on the layout, and these colors will be based on your second dataset object value. RGraphs and Hyperbolic Trees also read the first dataset object value in order to compute node diameters and angular widths, when setting Config.allowVariableNodeDiameters = true. That's all for now. I recommend you to read the On controllers section and then some spacetree, hypertree, treemap or RGraph tutorials.
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